Filler Weighing-ET-9R


1. Main Function: Rice weighting
2. Rationing System :weighting for 2 cavites.
3. Safety Door Style: Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA; thickness10mm)
4. Filler Gauge level system: have sensor to contact the Rice’s weight enough or not; if the Rice underweight and system will fill it.
5. Stirs the rice before onto the conveyor then weighting, make sure the rice weight’s fit the weight option then push out.
6. Easy for maintenance ,all by hand and No need tools
7. ** Hands sterilized before maintenance or adjustment **


Model ET-9R
Machine Size(mm) WxDxL 1600x1700x2100
Power 220V
Weight(kg) 500
Capacity (pcs/hr) 1800
Appearance Stainless Steel


Food Production line