Fructose Dispenser Machine: ET-9EN(Baked painting)


1.Drink quality control best helper that can fructose quantification dispenses.

2.User-friendly operation interface is easy to use.

3.Give sugar fast for 0.5 to 1 second.

4. You can set up to remember different flow rates up to 24 groups.

5.Professional cam rotation design can detectproduct viscosity to improve sugar outgoing accuracy.

6.Constant temperature function


Model ET-9EN
Machine size(mm) 260x360x410
Power(V) 110/220V (300W)
Weight(kg) 9
Capacity(c.c) 8500
Appearance Baked painting
No.of Button 24 Button


Suit for fill: Liquid sugar, Sauce (No solid), Yogurt, Syrup, Cream.
Use for storefront, product testing, restaurant.