Tabletop Cup Sealing Machine: ET-58M

  • Tabletop Cup Sealing Machine: ET-58M


  1. It is made of stainless.
  2. Operation simple, quick, and easy.
  3. Capable of Sealing all Materials: PP, PE, Paper, etc.
  4. No spoils, No dripping. Maintain the freshness of your product.
  5. Special design of Front Safety Guard for an emergency.
  6. Automatic top cup design, suitable for a large cup.
  7. Microcomputer program can be reset for multi-function and error code detection.


Model ET-58M
Machine Size (mm) 340x350x600
Power(W) 110/220(550W)
Weight(kg) 28
Capacity(pcs/hr) 450
Max.Cup Size(mm) 140x140x180
Appearance Stainless painting


1. For Round Cup sealing : Water ,Juice, Jelly, Pudding..
2. For square Tray sealing : Lunch box , Tofu , Fresh frozen food ,Sea food, Agricultural processed product.....
3. Or any others : Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical product any kinds of packaging product by Plastic or Paper container.