Table Type Sealing Machine: ET-89M


1. It is made of the stainless
2. Small machine size, light weight, and Low Cost investment
3. Capable of Sealing all Material: PP, PE, Paper....
4. No spoils, No dripping. Maintain the freshness of your product
5. Auto cup-jack in any different depth.
6. Special design of Front Safety Guard for emer-gency
7. LCD display


Model ET-89M
Machine Size (mm) 340x360x610
Power(W) 110/220(550W)
Weight(kg) 23
Capacity(pcs/hr) 450
Max.Cup Size(mm) 120x120x180
Appearance Stainless painting


Cup drinks, Juice, Pudding, Soy bean milk, Salad, Sauce, Agricultural processed product, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical product. For Many kinds of packaging product by Plastic or Paper container.