Tabletop Cup Sealing Machine: YF-989

  • Tabletop Cup Sealing Machine: YF-989


  1. Low-cost and high productivity, take-out, and storefront model.
  2. Suitable for many materials (PE, PP, paper, and easy-tear film).
  3. Leak-free sealing ensures safety, hygiene, and a good product image.
  4. Small production runs for optimal product testing.
  5. Automatic error code detection.
  6. Security door design for added safety.
  7. Automatic cup jack, for different cup heights.
  8. New film rewinding design for quick removal.
  9. User-friendly and easy-to-operate microcomputer control.
  10. Microcomputer-controlled system with mechanical interface


Model YF-989
Machine Size (mm) 350x360x610
Power(W) 110/220(400W)
Weight(kg) 22
Capacity(pcs/hr) 450
Max.Cup Size(mm) 95x95x180
Appearance ABS + Baked painting


Cup drinks, Juice, Pudding, Soy bean milk, Salad, Sauce, Agricultural processed product, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical product. For Many kinds of packaging product by Plastic or Paper container.

Optional Function

Date Printer / Coder (Hot ink manual, Times Roman 12 font, 5 rows x 9 alphanumeric lines)