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Vacuum body wrap

Skin packaging is quite common in North America and Europe. In Taiwan, this newer packaging format , is expected to be , will become one of the mainstream packaging forms in the high-end market.

Skin packaging is convenient for eating and reduces waste

In Europe, grilled meats such as steak, salmon, and baby octopus are packaged and consumed Users can directly put the whole box package into microwave heating, and then can directly tear off the film and use it directly. At present, in addition to the use of body-packed packaging for frozen meat and seafood in foreign markets, there are also ready-to-eat foods. Skin packaging. For example, ready-to-eat dishes sold in fresh supermarkets can be eaten by tearing off the film after consumers purchase them by heating them in a microwave oven. Body-packed packaging brings convenience to people's lives. Especially in the context of consumption upgrades and changes in the consumption environment consumers have more desire to buy good-looking and convenient food. The demand for body packaging has been driven. Because the transparent film is close to the product, consumers can see the color, shape and state of the product with the naked eye The consumer experience brought by the product is more three-dimensional and intuitive. If it is placed deliberately, the terminal presentation effect will be very beautiful. However, the "benefits" of packaging go beyond just making the food look good and easy to eat. Because of the vacuum effect of the body wrapping, the wrapping is perfectly attached to the surface of the packaged object, providing excellent barrier and protection. In this way can reduce the air permeability of the packaging and reduce food waste caused by spoilage.

Vacuum body packaging process

Skin packaging material

Skin packaging has higher requirements on the flexibility and heat resistance of the packaging material. Barrier bottom box material (container, cardboard) and packable products. "The core technology lies in the formulation of the packaging material, which must ensure that the film in the packaging material manufacturing process has high flexibility and high temperature resistance. Temperature is about 160℃ (±25℃), if the heat resistance of the packaging material is not enough, it is easy to stick to the knife, foam, and cannot be solid It is now perfectly packaged, which affects the beauty of the product."

Skin Packaging Improves Production Automation

Skin packaging also increases the automation of the production line. Taking the packaging of a steak as an example, a traditional packaging bag production line requires 6 workers to work together: taking meat, weighing, bagging, vacuuming, and heat sealing. If it is replaced by a body-packing production line, manpower such as bagging, vacuuming, and thermal packaging can be saved. In addition, the production speed can be increased by up to about 30%, which greatly improves the automation of the production line. At present, skin packaging is mainly used in frozen meat and a small number of ready-to-eat dishes in the Taiwan market. At present, some customers have asked whether it can be applied to sliced fruits, but different varieties of fruits require different environmental conditions for preservation, and some fruits are easily oxidized, so they are not very suitable for skin packaging.

Whether skin packaging can be used on soft products

Body packaging is not recommended for use on soft products due to the need for vacuuming. It is also recommended to freeze meat and seafood until firm before packaging.