Auto Rotary Sealing machine: ET-80

  • Auto Rotary Sealing machine: ET-80


  1. PLC with Index Gear Conveyor, Inverter Speed Control, and Touch Screen Operation.
  2. Stainless Steel frame and Anodized Aluminum.
  3. Three models for Film Feeding: Sensor, Encoder, and Timer. Available for Colorful & Blank film.
  4. Sealing and Boarded Cutting(Profile cut).
  5. Functions additional as a continuous model.
  6. Interchangeable sealing tool(Sealing and base mold).
  7. Smaller body but supply large capacity.


Model ET-80S1D4 ET-80M1D4 ET-80L1D4
Capacity(psc/hr) 900 850 800
Max.Cup Size(mm) 220x170x150 285x215x150 370x265x150
Machine Size(mm)WxDxL 1100x950x1700 1300x1150x1700 1600x1450x1700


  1. Suitable for beverages, Pudding, Jelly, Fast-food, Snacks, Various prepared foods for the microwave, Seasoned frozen food, Pickled foods, Seafood, processed agricultural products, etc. Which load into the cup and tray.
  2. Sealable material: PP, PE, PS, PET, HDPE, EPS, PSP, Aluminum foil, Paper box, etc.
  3. For smaller working spaces but higher capacity.

Optional Function

  1. Auto Tray Drop.
  2. Gas Flushing (MAP): For ET-80 only.
  3. Inside cutting.
  4. Auto Filling: Liquid, Heavy liquid or solid products.
  5. Pre-cut Lid application.
  6. Product Output Discharger.
  7. Lid Capping.
  8. Changeable Mould for the sealing tool.
  9. Date Printer/Coder(Hot ink manual, Times Roman 12 font, 5 rows x 9 alphanumeric lines).
  10. Weightier.